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Lapis & Turquoise Flowervase

Lapis & Turquoise Flowervase
Lapis & Turquoise Flowervase
Lapis & Turquoise Flowervase
Lapis & Turquoise Flowervase
Lapis & Turquoise Flowervase
Lapis & Turquoise Flowervase
Lapis & Turquoise Flowervase
Product Code : KKFV0014
Height (in CM) : 20CM
Description : White marble pot inlaid with semi precious stones.
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In all our White Marble Pots & Flower Vase You can see the precision of the semi precious stones, how beautifully each petal of flower, buds, leaves & stems are manually shaped & cavities are made into the marble. This art piece will be a family heirloom you will enjoy every time you see it. Treasure it before it is sold & you miss this golden opportunity. This beautiful vase is something which is an art piece & will be heirloom for your generations. The semi precious stones inlaid into the beautiful White Marble Inlay Flower Pot are as follows:-

  • Lapis Lazuli (Blue Stone)
  • Malachite (Green Stone)
  • Turquoise (Sky Blue Stone)
  • Carnelian (Orange Red Stone)
  • Mother of Pearl (White Shiny Stone)
  • Jasper (Brown Stone)

Exclusive white marble semi precious stones inlaid decorative vase is a fine decorative art piece. It can be displayed on the side table, middle of the tabletop & on the mantelpiece. It is difficult to inlaid the semiprecious stones on the marble vase because it has a round surface, as we have to cut the semi precious stones rounded to maintain the smoothness of the marble. It is a piece of artwork. Add the royal touch of Mughal Era to your Home Decor. it is an investment forever. The marble inlay flower vase is made in Agra India & fully handmade.

  • To maintain the marble flower vase simply clean it with soap & water & dry cotton cloth.
  • The marble inlay flower vase will be delivered by FEDEX ,UPS or DHL door to door.
  • If there is any local Tax, Custom Duties or VAT will be paid by the buyer at the destination.
  • The parcel is dispatched with proper packing & fully insured covering all kinds of risk. It is an art piece which will be a beauty & the conversation piece at home.
  • If You Are Looking Something Customized, Let Us Know We Will Make For You As Per Your Design, Size & Shape.

Disclaimer: Colours of semi precious stones and marble may vary from the images shown.
Note: Logo is not part of the product. It is used to protect our product designs.

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